We’re passionate about one thing… The Motherland

The goal of Taste of Africa Vibes is to shine a light on the beauty of Africa.

To become a bridge for those wanting to visit the Motherland or learn about her true culture and history.

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Every successful business depends on a team of people striving for a common goal.  Taste of Africa Vibes is proud to say we have made a lot of progress in a very short time.  We are humbled that we have legal presence on two continents with our hubs in Lagos, Nigeria and Georgia, USA.

Jibola Oluseye – President/CEO – TOA Vibes, LTD – Africa Region

Taste of Africa Vibes was founded as a Facebook group by our President/CEO Jibola Oluseye on August 1, 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The group was created to promote Africa’s positivity. Jibola’s focus is on encouraging and upbuilding vibes in tourism, foods, music, travels, and entertainment through photos, videos, experiences and beautiful brands.

Shaun K. Golden – President/CEO of TOA Vibes International, LTD – North America Region

In December 2021 Shaun K. Golden joined the Taste of Africa Vibes team as moderator and shortly thereafter became a member of the administration team for the TOA Vibes Facebook group.  In February 2022 Jibola and Shaun joined forces as business partners and officially incorporated Taste of Africa Vibes, LTD – Africa, and Taste of Africa Vibes International, LTD – North America based in Augusta, Georgia.

Our Partners

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